Exercise in Moral Reasoning


1) I chose the issue on having sex between an unmarried man and woman. I felt that this was quite a rich issue due to the conflict (for me) between the catholic perception of this issue versus the up and coming norm. I am slightly inclined to say that it is wrong on the basis of what i have learned throughout my life and upbringing from the catholic church, school and parents. It is wrong for me because it promotes sex which is sacred and the possibility of a child…if unmarried, there will be no accountability and obligation

2) I feel that maybe premarital sex may not really be bad or sinful if it’s for example the night of your wedding. I think that possibly, it won’t be sinful since the man and woman are closed to being married anyway and that the initial scare of lack of accountability and meaningless sex can probably lessen.

3) Before, i would probably say that i was a moral absolutist about this issue due to the fact that i just merely followed the teachings of my parents but now, I am a moral rationalist. I still believe that pre marital sex is wrong but know my reasoning would not be merely because the church says so. i think of it in a way that pre marital sex is wrong because it promotes, meaningless sex, aside from this, the couple may not be ready to handle the implications of sex and furthermore, a child may be brought to the world in such a bad environment, since possibly, the parents are unable to cope.


I feel that pre marital sex is wrong since first of all, what if you do feel sure that you will be married someday but it doesn’t happen? what now? furthermore, what if you two were able to conceive a baby? and it turns out that you guys were simply not meant to be? I feel that in this issue, you should first rationalize the context, why would you want to do this in the first place? can’t you wait till you do get married? Think about it, if you push through with this, then something breaks your relationship with your partner, then the child that you could possibly bring to this world will be raised in a very bad environment. So if you are unsure if whether to go with it or not, i feel that it is better to take the safer path and not push through so as not to cause potential harm. Another factor that is very relevant is that are there any external or internal factors other than reason that sways you towards this issue, you should be more suspicious in a way so that you will be able to choose the right path with little bias as you can.

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Genetically Modified Foods

Based on the readings that i did, i feel that genetically modified foods should be opened to the international market due to the many benefits they give. It improves not only taste and texture, but also shelf life and nutritional value. Some variants would also decrease the risk of cancer. In the agricultural aspect, it also makes it easier since these genetically modified organisms are more resistant to diseases, damage from frosts and also herbicide.

As long as these genetically modified foods are developed properly and safely, I feel that it would be beneficial for everyone.

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Pascal’s wager

xsibcle2012 AOK module3

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For me, he best tasting cropek was the palm oil cropek. it didnt have much weird aftertaste compared to butter or canola oil. the oils that were used really did have an effect to the taste of the cropek. this activity gave me a better understanding and realization of the importance of something as simple as oil to food and cooking.

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Artificial Antioxidants

BHA and BHT are synthetic compounds that are used as antioxidants

BHA- Butylated hydroxyanisole

BHT- Butylated hydroxytoluene

these antioxidants were initially used with petroleum in rubber products. nowadays, they are widely used as antioxidants in foods especially oily foods. BHA, compared to BHT is more stable in high temperatures.


these antioxidants are often linked to ADHD, allergies, headaches, Rhinitis weight gain among others.


these antioxidants are cheaper to use and will have no change in taste. along with the benefits of antioxidants in general, BHT and BHA therefore are more suitable in terms of the manufacturing industry.


In my opinion, i think that these antioxidants are okay to be used, as long as we the consumers will not intake these artificial additives in excess.

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Weird foods

I think that these foods are considered weird is because it is out of the norm for others. I believe that this adverse reaction towards these weird foods is brought about by perspective. For us, we may seem disgusted by these foods but for the locals, these foods are regularly in their diet.

Food for me is something eaten to sustain oneself. Before, food was merely used for sustenance but now, it has evolve. People became concerned in taste and textures of food, it created somewhat of an art with endless possibilities for flavor and textures.

Normal food is what the collective find usual. it is hard to define since being normal is subjective.

-live worms
-dried lizards
-silk worm larvae

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VC with St. Mary’s School from Australia

During our VC with St. Mary’s I felt that it was pretty smooth and cohesive. Overall, the Video Conference was successful in a sense that we were able to learn more about our respective schools. For me, nothing much actually went wrong. Nothing went much went wrong not only with the technical side but also the conversations that took place during the VC. The only critique i would probably have would be that the conversations was not as free flowing as i thought VCs would naturally be. I felt that the facilitator was too active maybe in the VCs and the two schools were not really able to just freely exchange thoughts. I felt that we could have extended because i thought that the VC was too short or that there were still a lot of conversations left untapped. Next time, maybe VCs could be extended or longer.

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